Lost Love

When you stay alone,that nights are the hard ones, bring back your memories,sadness comes,loneliness,when you think about everything and then you realize that,what you once had,you lost because of some stupidity,pride,when you would give anything to turn back time.
Once before with so many love inside you have lived and now empty soul,full of pain running around looking for some rescue but all that is for nothing because you can’t do anything to get it back.
The rescue is in that one person which your soul belong too but that person is not there anymore,you have just a memory of her,beautiful moments and she is happy somewhere far away from you or maybe she is not,maybe her soul is empty just like mine but that’s just emptiness that you feel which push you to think about that and convincing yourself that she miss you like you miss her.
I used to wake up with a smile on his face, because he was there, because of which only that sincere smile was there,as an engine of me,my happiness and now,…
Now there is a smile but it’s not that smile,it’s a smile of fake happiness and that subconscious who is telling you that you must move on,alone,and so alone you must be an engine of everything,but what’s the point of life if you don’t have the one that you love,that you wanna live for.Image


About vanmusiq

In love with music.
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